Current Conditions - Updated: 2016-09-30 16:40:22

Advisory Information Unavailable, error fetching or reading data from the NOAA advisories server.

Condition: Cloudy Winds: 4.0 mph W
Humidex: 79.3 °F
76.1 °F Temp change since one hour ago: -1.40
Gusts: 2.0 mph
Beaufort Rating 2: Light breeze
Temperature TodayTemperature YesterdayWind High TodayGust High Month
Hi77.7 °F80.2 °F4.9 mph WNW12.1 mph NNE
Low56.7 °F61.9 °F


Today:0.00 in
Rate per hour:0.00 in
Yesterday:0.00 in
This Week:0.01 in
This Month:1.23 in
This Year:37.78 in
Rain days for month:6

Humidity & Barometer

Humidity:43% Humidity change since one hour ago: 0%
Dew Point:52.0 °F Dewpoint change since hour ago: -1.2 °F
Barometer:29.57 inhg
Baro Trend:
Over last hour:0.00 inhg Barometer change since one hour ago: 0.00
Over last three hours: -0.02 inhg Barometer change since three hours ago: -0.02

Cloud Level


Civil Twilight06:15 am
Sunrise06:39 am
Sunset06:31 pm
Civil Twilight06:56 pm


Moonrise06:14 am
Moon phaseNew Moon
0.1% full
Moonset06:34 pm

Fire Risk

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